The Benefits of Commercial Litigation Funding

Litigation Financing is open to even well-capitalized businesses who can use it to minimize risk. Here are some of the advantages:

It allows them to pursue strong claims or defenses.

It gives anyone with a strong commercial claim the ability to pursue it fully.

Financing allows companies to hire the best attorneys for their cases.

Litigation funding allows the company to work with firms that may not be able to work on a fully contingent basis. It allows the law firm to get paid without exposing the company to ongoing expenses.

Allows capital flexibility 

It allows a business the freedom to use the capital in other ways than legal fees.

Knowing that you have financial staying power 

Having the capital to fully litigate the claim allows the company not to have to accept any low ball offers to settle the case.

Litigo Financial Investment Guidelines

Litigo Financial invests in cases that have a strong chance of success. Funding is available at any stage in the litigation process. We look to fund cases that provide an appropriate return relative to our investment.

Sign a non-disclosure agreement & provide key information
Legal & financial due diligence on the case
Sign the funding agreement & get access to the capital you need
Monitor & assess progress

Why Choose Litigo Financial?

Litigo Financial team has decades of experience working on some of the largest and most complex litigation cases.  Litigo Financial also has a streamlined investment process that allows it to make decisions more quickly than many litigation funders.

Plaintiffs, attorneys, and law firms need financial backing to help them diversify risks and survive the long court process.

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