What is it

Litigo offers financing on a case by case basis for high value litigation claims. Typically, when the claimant lacks the resources or is risk averse to proceeding without financial support. We tailor our terms for investment and returns tailored for each case.

How can we help

Litigo Financial offers finance on a case by case basis for high value litigation claims, where the claimant lacks the resources or risk appetite to proceed without financial support. Our finance is typically non-recourse, with Litigo’s return payable only upon success. The terms of investment and of our return are tailored for each case.

  • We can finance some or all of the fees incurred by the claimant’s lawyers.
  • We do not require that claimant lawyers act on a conditional.
  • Providing financial solutions for any type of litigation, in any jurisdiction, and at any stage

Why Litigo Financial

Clients that work with Litigo will benefit from our experience, access to permanent capital, track record and expertise in litigation.  With us you are not a number, we provide plaintiffs who believe they have been economically disadvantaged by another company the necessary capital to pursue their case and potentially obtain damages either through a settlement or a judgment.   We are passive investors, however we are there to help you and add value beyond just capital.

Experienced Team

Our team combines years of investment experience in the energy sector with years of litigation experience to create a unique team that is unmatched.

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Plaintiffs, attorneys, and law firms need financial backing to help them diversify risks and survive the long court process.

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