What is it

For law firms in particular, portfolio finance offers an ideal finance solution. Through this approach, we can provide finance for firms where our return is conditional on their success in commercial litigation cases. Our finance can be used for any purpose, including recruitment and expansion plans.

Key points about portfolio funding

  • Portfolios of cases spread the risk more efficiently across multiple cases.
  • It also allows for better outcomes financially.
  • Both plaintiffs and defendants can take advantage of financing a group of cases that allow them to pursue and defend cases they may otherwise not be able to.
  • It allows access to larger amounts of capital with more flexibility financially.

How can we help

Portfolio litigation finance from Litigo Financial has a number of advantages over bank loans and partner equity. Unlike traditional bank loans our flexible law firm loans have given litigators across the country the financial power they need to avoid premature settlements and take on bigger cases, because we don’t limit funding to the value of your personal assets. Our finance is non-recourse, meaning we get a return only in the event of successful outcomes for the cases within the portfolio. Using our capital does not burden the firm with debt.  We can help with access to capital to ensure that you can focus on litigating the cases and not worry about the money.

Why Litigo Financial

Instead of using third-party financing on a single case basis, industry participants (law firms and corporations) have wisely applied it to the financing of a portfolio of cases. The cross-collateralization of the portfolio thereby diversified and reduced the funder’s risk, which enabled the portfolio owner to substantially reduce their overall cost of capital. In essence, it represents a risk transfer from the funder to the law firm or corporation that has the portfolio, which attracts a lower cost of capital but still represents excellent risk-adjusted returns for the litigation funder.


  • 50+

    years’ experience in Legal industry

  • 1000 +

    cases reviewed

  • 500,000,000 +

    in investments managed

Experienced Team

Our team combines years of investment experience in the energy sector with years of litigation experience to create a unique team that is unmatched.

Plaintiffs, attorneys, and law firms need financial backing to help them diversify risks and survive the long court process.

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