Convert Expected Fees to Cash

When you’re the plaintiff in a lawsuit, you have reached a settlement or verdict as the result of your case. The downside is that it can take a long time to actually go through all of the legal channels and finalize your case. You may need cash in the meantime to help pay your bills. Instead of applying for a loan to pay your bills, you can apply for a cash advance on your pending lawsuit.

How does post-settlement funding work?

Once your case is finalized, your advance will be repaid out of the settlement amount, in addition to a funding fee. That means you won’t receive the entire settlement amount, but you do get the advantage of receiving a bulk of the funds upfront.

How can we help

Depending on the specifics of your case, we will make a cash advance offer. Upon receiving your application and the necessary paperwork from your attorney, we may be able to get you the money you need quickly.

  • Quick financing
  • Streamlined underwriting process
  • Recourse and non-recourse options

Why Litigo Financial

We know it’s not always easy to wait for your case to settle and it’s even more difficult when you’ve been injured and your bills are piling up. Litigo Financial is here to help you. Whether you need cash to pay rent and buy groceries or you need medical treatment, you can rest assured that Litigo Financial has an option for you.

Experienced Team

Our team combines years of investment experience in the energy sector with years of litigation experience to create a unique team that is unmatched.

Plaintiffs, attorneys, and law firms need financial backing to help them diversify risks and survive the long court process.

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