Law Firms can benefit from Litigation Funding

Here are a few reasons why a law firm may want to consider litigation funding:

Funding allows you to take cases that have strong merits with high expenses, which otherwise you may have to pass on

It allows the firm to mitigate the risk of expending its own capital to pay for the expense in the case.

Funding can allows firms to invest appropriately in their cases without cutting unnecessary corners

We take a deep dive and assess all aspects of your case or cases to determine the value unlike banks and other financial institutions.

Funding can smooth out your cash flow

It removes the ups and downs that go with the outlay of capital with access to a steady stream of revenue to pay expenses associated with either a case or the firm.

Litigo Financial Investment Guidelines

Litigo Financial invests in cases that have a strong chance of success and available at any stage in the litigation process. We look to fund cases that provide an appropriate return relative to our investment.

Sign a non-disclosure agreement & provide key information
Legal & financial due diligence on the case
Sign the funding agreement & get access to the capital you need
Monitor & assess progress

Why Choose Litigo Financial?

Litigo Financial team has decades of experience working on some of the most complex litigations cases and we have used that experience to build tools and processes to quickly diligence your case and make decisions much faster than other funders.

Plaintiffs, attorneys, and law firms need financial backing to help them diversify risks and survive the long court process.

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